Children’s Chorus of Washington is deeply grateful to the companies, foundations, government agencies, and individuals listed below. Their support has made it possible for CCW to share our outstanding choral music education with thousands of students regardless of their background, economic status, or prior experience.


(April 1, 2017 - May 1, 2018)
This list is updated bi-annually in December and June

Founder’s Circle ($5,000 and above)

Bradley Charitable Fund
Campbell Family Foundation
DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities
Dimick Foundation
Knight and Ann Kiplinger
Gene and Katherine Kopp
Katherine Silverthorne and David Lashway
Meredith Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education
Paul M Angell Family Foundation
The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation
The Shafer Philanthropic Family Fund
Lisa Vandenburgh

Conductor’s Circle ($2,500 - $4,999)

Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington
James and Jean Dausch
Laura and Paul Kopp
Bill Catherwood and Jean Sperling
The Reba A. Will Foundation
Pete Thomson
Carrie and Steven VanRoekel
Dennis and Erin Vaughan
Susan Wildstrom
Mary and Jeff Zients

Soloist ($1,000 - $2,499)

Brian and Virginia Brooks
Carol Crawford
Colette Devine and Adrian Kutko
Robin Heller
Dave Steadman and Daphne Kiplinger
Leder Family Philanthropic Fund
John Matteo
Marsha Pearcy and Kim Sperduto
Stephen and Diana Goldberg Foundation
Brad and Kristin Stephenson
Bernhard Streitwieser and Mary Beth Warner
George Whitney

Duo ($500 - $999)


Carole and Nicholas Brand
Deb and Josh Gray
Joan and Shawn Halford
Shana and Todd Jacobus
Mary Kwak and Simon Johnson
Carol and Paul Kaplun
Katie Kaplun
Vicki and Bruce Kimble
Nancy Kuhn
Traudel Lange
Julie Kearney and Eugene Leung
Paul and Ruth Manchester

Eileen and Arthur Mason
Darren and Yamuna Maynard
David Pate
Britt and Rich Pratt
Jessica Boger and Greg Rapawy
Pamela and Richard Sauber
Susan B. Hepner Family
The Burch Murton Group of Washington Fine Properties
Charlene Wright Thomas
Pete Thompson
Albert and Caroline Turkus
Elizabeth Wieser

Trio ($250 - $499)

Heather and Andrew Adelsberger
Marth Moss and Alfredo Benavides
Alice Bishop
Peggy Irving and Ira Cebulash
Liz and Tim Cullen
Christina Culver
Joy and Ted Dorsey
Kathryn and Richard Dreger
Elisa Rabekoff and Chris Gladstone
Teresa Gorman
Joan Gregoryk
Deborah Neipris and Clifford Hendler
Patrick and Ketanji Jackson

Craig and Lisa Janes
Jean Jawdat
Bob and Wendy Kenney
Nancy Knowles
Linda Alder and Jeff Kurtz
Thomas F. Lynch III
Emily Madan
Ed Roslof and Lara McCoy
Deborah and Timothy Melançon
James and Laura Mobley
Anita Gay and Cyra O'Daniel
Gary and Maxine Pagliano
Nancy and Jack Perkins

Dianne Peterson
Holly and Gregory Porter
Michele Reed
Rhonda and Robert Rich
Suzanne Windle and Kurt Schier
Frazier Schulman
Cindy and Ryan Schwarz
Judi Teske
John and Anne Tyler
Suzanne and Mark Vieth
Barbara Yellen and Philip West
Kathleen and Nicholas Widnell
Winfield Foundation

Quartet ($100 - $249)

Donna Attanasio
Chris and Judy Austin
Dr. Barbara Baker
Robert and Ann Meier Baker
Anthony Barnes
Alisa and Jeremy Ben-Ami
Sarah and Pat Bidigare
Pamela Binninger
Louise Buchanan
Julie and Syd Butler
Lisa and Chris Capuano
Marie Celeste
Doug Loescher and Jacob Clark
Ann Cook
Jen Patterson and Barbara Cook
Elizabeth Crane
Ingrid Creppell
Marie Buchwalter and Scott Crizer
Ashley and Alan Dabbiere
Patricia Darneille
Beverly and Chris Darnell
Barbara Deutsch
Joy Ditto
Carol Emig and Michael Durst

Carrie and Arthur Ekrem
Paul Ferguson
Jane Gagliardi
Susan Gibbs
Ann Marie Gould
Laura Gross
Michael and Stephanie Herman
Pat Ingram
John Storey and Jennifer Johnson
Paul Davis Oliver & Cynthia Johnson-Oliver
Ryan Kellett
Patricia Millett and Robert King
Gus Varfis and Mary Kremp
Robert Krieger
Bruce Lamott
Nancy and Eric Letsinger
Robert Loesche
Sarah Manchester
Devra and Jay Martus
Kristin and Ryan McNavage
Howard Tarnoff and Robyn Miller-Tarnoff
Liz and Marty Mulligan
Chris Nomura and Judy Nunn

Pilar and Bill O'Leary
Rosemary Pye
Thomas Quighan
James Quinn
Margaret Randol
Amanda Zafian and Adam Riggs
John and Carol Schmitter
Charles Sheehan
Alice and Jeff Singdahlsen
Stephanie Smith
William and Stella Sohier
Thomas and Kathleen Spies
Dianne Straus
Nancy Tanner
Courtney Leatherman and David Taylor
Jennifer and Michael Taylor
Allan Thornton
Peter Warfield
Betty Warner
Florence Weese
William C. Weese Trust
Kathleen and James Wind
Marty Brown and Laura Wisotzkey

Ensemble ($50 - $99)

Julia and Robin Bates
Jeffrey and Kathy Hennemuth
Diane Jones
Jane and Bob Levey
Reed Livergood
Dr. Walter Miller
Priscilla and Ed Ryan
Gwen Wright

Additional Thanks


Carole Kolker
Devree Lewis
Laura and Lionel Lourenco
Christina Lytle
Glen Palman
Jeanene Lairo and Michael Ryan
Kreugh Shaffer
Amara Telleen

The Thomas Family Trust
Eszter and Szabo and Jan Zika
Alan and Angela Bartlow
Betsy and Darien Bates
Judith Block

Marcie Brandriff
Gustav Chiarello
Jocelyne Vigier and Robert Delonis
Lawrence Hardy
Rose Kavanagh
Pam Kelly

For more information about how you can partner with CCW, please contact:
Betsy Bates, Executive Director