Why Your Support Matters


CCW ensembles are thriving, having performed many exciting programs this season. With tuition covering less than 50% of our annual operating budget, CCW depends on gifts, grants, honorariums, and ticket sales to make up the balance. Help us close the gap so we can continue to provide young singers with the best choral education in the Washington metropolitan area. Your support will help sustain CCW as the premier youth choral program in our nation’s capital.

CCW is committed to providing choral music education to every musically qualified child, regardless of their ability to pay. Your gift allows us to offer more scholarships for tuition, uniforms, concert tickets, and tours. It will also help us maintain tuition at an affordable level for all our CCW families.

Your gift will also earn us additional funding. Last summer CCW was named a grantee recipient of the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Arts Innovation and Management (AIM) Program. Our participation in this by-invitation only program requires us to secure at least $10,000 in matching dollars. Your gift today shows major donors, such as Bloomberg Philanthropies, that you are committed to CCW’s mission, and believe CCW is a vital community asset.

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Our Goals

For fiscal year 2018-2019, our goal is to raise $20,000 with 100% participation by every CCW family, staff member, and director on the Board. Every donor is important, and every gift is appreciated. Your generous gift will encourage others to participate as the CCW community comes together to demonstrate its deep commitment and dedication to the mission of our organization. Please consider making your tax-deductible gift by May 31, 2019.

Ways To Give

  • Make your tax-deductible gift online here.

  • Add a $5 donation to your Sing On concert ticket purchase.

  • Mail a check made out to CCW:
    5101 Wisconsin Ave NW Suite 103, Washington, DC 20016

  • Invite grandparents, relatives, and friends to make a gift in honor of your child.

  • Sign up for your workplace giving program through your employer. Ask if your employer will match donations made by their employees to nonprofit organizations like CCW, a 501(c)3, EIN: 52-1946605.


All participating families will be gratefully acknowledged in alphabetical order under the Every Family Giving heading on posted signs at our spring concert. Gifts received before May 1 will be included in the printed concert program. This listing will also be included in our 2018-2019 annual report (all gifts received August 1, 2018 - July 31, 2019).

Join us, and help sustain CCW’s excellence by making your gift today!

As of 5/16/2019

As of 5/16/2019

2018-2019 Every Family Giving PARTICIPANTS

Amy and Matthew Lloyd

Dr. Jacob Clark and Douglas Loescher

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F Lynch III

Karen Philipps and Mark Manyin

Yamuna and Darren Maynard

Colleen and Ray McDuffie

Elizabeth and Robert McMahon

Sara Mechanic

Deb and Tim Melancon

Catherine and John Middleton

Olga Francois and Denise Miles-Francois

Catherine and Jamie Morvis

Joanna and Kyle Mosteller

Elena Baylis and Don Munro

Carolyn Ostermann-Healey and
John Healey

Gary and Maxine Pagliano

Massimiliano Pascuccio and Nadia Gomez

Jen Patterson and Barbara Cook

Nicholas Peltier and Myriam Thiberge

Marsha Pearcy and Kim Sperduto

Holly and Gregory Porter

Olena and Vicktor Pylypenko

Jessica Boger and Greg Rapawy

Jo Rasi

Danika Dry-Rodriguez and
Francisco Rodriguez

Claire Cocciole and Paul Roehrig

Shannon and Josh Rosenthal

Lara McCoy Roslof and Ed Roslof

Robin and Jane Rueger

Amanda Leiter and Sambhav Sankar

Jami and Kenneth Schell

Frazier Schulman

Cindy and Ryan Schwarz

Darren Shillingford

David Lashway and
Katherine Silverthorne

The Singdahlsen Family

Anna and Don Slother

William and Stella Sohier

Jennifer Johnson and John Storey

Danae Wright Strong

Kathleen Brady and Richard Taylor

Courtney Leatherman and David Taylor

Jennifer and Michael Taylor

Paul and Troy Thomas

Peter Thomson

Iryna Trach

Beatriz and Aydin Tuncer

Anne and John Tyler

Lisa Vandenburgh

Suzanne and Mark Vieth

William Vinyard

Christine and Greg Virgin

Kira Dellinger Vol and Claude Vol

Lucy and Yan Wang

Amy and Peter Warfield

Kate and Tucker Warren

Battina Wills Washington and Richard Washington

Lauren and Joshua Wind

Martha Brown and Laura Wisotzkey

Abby Wright

Susan Boa and Rich Wysocki

Shona and Joel D'Cruz

Elizabeth White and Ben Zeigler

Eszter Szabo and Jan Zika

Lisa and Michael Abidin

Eva Absher-Schantz and Thomas Schantz

Lucy Newton and Eric Albert

Ashlee Albertson

Mary Ann Allin

Emily and Ren Ariizumi

Joe Aubry

Howard and Ann Bartlow

Elizabeth and Javier Bastos

Barbara Underwood and
Michael Bateman

Darien and Betsy Bates

Lynn Yao and Brock Beamer

Tara and Jerome Beaner

Vanessa and John Beckman

Alisa and Jeremy Ben-Ami

Sarah and Pat Bidigare

James Bonnell and Cynthia Neil

Mireya Brogan

Virginia Navarette Brooks

Erica and Edward Brown

Margot Mahoney and David Budin

Lisa and Chris Capuano

Taina Caragol and Marc Meumann

Jean Sperling and William Catherwood

Peggy Irving and Ira Cebulash

Margaret and Scott Clark

Bronwyn and David Clark

Gabriela Cohen and Phillip Bernstein

Aaron and Yukiko Colohan

Babette and Brooke Cooper

Victoria Croog

Beverly and Chris Darnell

June and Bejoy Das Gupta

Nicole Anzia and Michael Davies

Jocelyne Vigier and Robert Delonis

Dorie Denbigh-Laurent

Andrey and Galina Donets

Kathryn and Richard Dreger

Carrie Milleson and Arthur Ekrem

Adam and Maricel Ellsworth

Elizabeth Hoffman and Eric Emerson

Arvid and Silke Enders

Rachel and Neil Evans

Paige and Christopher Finger

Rachel and Joseph Firschein

Jessica Tomback and Peter Fraize

Evan and Aimee Freund

Anita Gay

Jessica Gavora and Jonah Goldberg

Alicia and Matt Goldin

Nicole and Stuart Grant

Deb and Josh Gray

David Hausner and Gita Pillai

Anne Kenderdine and Matthew Hobbs

Craig and Susan Hodges

Elizabeth and David Hoover

Jennifer and Kenneth Imo

Ketanji and Patrick Jackson

Mary Kwak and Simon Johnson

Katie Kaplun and Joe Bonanni

Thomas Karlsson and Kristin Hubrich

Bruce and Vicki Kimble

Laura and Paul Kopp

Colette Devine and Adrian Kutko

Kelly and Robert Lee

Nancy and Eric Letsinger

Devree Lewis