New Logo, New Collaboration

ccw_logo_set_rgb_2 color.jpg

It’s been almost a year since we unveiled our new logo! We spent months working to find a new visual identity for our chorus, and we were fortunate to connect with Aaron Taylor-Waldman, who expertly guided us through an exploration of our vision of the organization, and what we wanted our logo to say about us.

We asked Aaron to talk about the process from his perspective as a designer, and we thought his response was so wonderfully in tune with what we have been trying to do with our programming that we wanted to share it with you. In an era of intentional and growing collaborations for CCW, this was another artistic pairing that we are happy to have made.

When I was first invited to participate in redesigning the new visual identity for the Children's Chorus of Washington, I knew that it would be a fun and challenging assignment. [We] discussed ways to update the design to better reflect CCW’s prominence among national choral groups, as well as its leadership and cultural influence in the diverse, DC-area communities. 

I set out to create a recognizable mark to distinguish CCW from its peers, while keeping the color red—a key aspect of the organization’s brand, and the uniform—a central element. I learned a ton about CCW throughout the design process, applying insights gained from our conversations directly to sketches of logo concepts that emphasized musicality, youthful energy, regional symbolism, and the cultural heritage of DC.

We found that clusters of primary shapes—circles and chevron-shaped triangles—could be both visually striking, and convey the energy and musicality of youth choral groups. After a few rounds of refinement, we found our new logo: a joyful burst of shapes, extending upwards to reinforce musical and professional growth. 

Bringing music and design together in this way is a true joy of mine—and especially when the output can help an organization grow and reach wider audiences. I drew from my own childhood experiences playing violin and guitar in ensembles, and singing in my school's chorus. I remembered back to singing Handel's Messiah, and almost falling out of the bleachers while belting it out with my fellow tenor ones.

What stuck with me was the unity and energy of the group, and the strength of the friendships formed in this brave new world of junior high chorus. These experiences sparked a lifelong curiosity in music, which I pursued in college, alongside design, and continue to explore in new ways today. 

Thank you all for this wonderful experience, it’s been an honor to be part of CCW’s exciting path forward.