CCW PREP CLASS is a program designed to introduce first-time singers (ages 5-8) to the choral experience. PREP Class sessions focus on singing through movement, play, and the music of many times and many places. This program plants the seeds for a lifelong relationship with music for each child while teaching proper breathing, posture, and basic music reading skills. Children who enjoy PREP Class are encouraged to audition for CCW’s Treble Chorus when they are ready.

No audition is necessary for PREP Class!

PREP meets on Mondays.

Fall Semester:

PREP I - Introduction to Singing (Ages 5-6): 4:30-5:10pm
PREP II - Pre-Choral (Ages 7-8): 5:15-6:00pm

Spring Semester:

PREP II - Pre-Choral (Ages 5-7): 4:30-5:10pm
PREP III - Beginning Choral (Ages 7-9): 5:15-6:00pm

Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church
3401 Nebraska Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016



  • Fall Semester: Prep I – Introduction to Singing – Students exploring their

voices and learn to sing in head tone. General musical concepts of high and low,

fast and slow, tempi and rhythm are presented through songs in movement,

music listening examples and singing games.

  • Fall/Spring Semester: Prep II – Pre- Choral Experience –Students are

introduced to basic beginning choral singing. The focus is still on accessing the

head tone and matching pitch. They will also be exposed to following a musical

score and some beginning part singing.

  • Spring Semester: Prep III – Beginning Choral Singing – Students are

continuing with skills that have been learned in the Pre-choral experience. They

should have a clear sense of pitch and head tone and can now begin singing in

parts, following the score. In addition, the students will perform in the spring

concert with the Treble chorus. The goal of this class is to prepare students for

entry into the Treble chorus class in the fall.