SING DC! (“Sing and Inspire a New Generation”) is CCW’s program to provide introductory choral music training to students in under-resourced DC schools. In a nurturing environment where no prior vocal training is required, students learn to match pitch, sing with healthy vocal technique, begin to read music, and are introduced to basic performance skills. By offering this choral music program at no cost to the schools or students, we hope to break down cultural, economic, and geographic barriers in the local D.C. Metro Area and encourage young singers to become active citizens and innovative artists in their communities. In the 2016-2017 school year, CCW partnered with the Washington School for Girls, Perry Street Prep, Beers Elementary, Creative Minds Public Charter, and Orr Elementary schools to provide SING DC! classes to 300 students.

Current and former partnering schools:

  • Cesar Chavez Parkside Middle School
  • Capital City Public Charter School
  • Truesdell Educational Campus
  • Creative Minds Public Charter School
  • Washington School for Girls
  • Lee Montessori Public Charter School
  • Perry Street Preparatory School
  • Anne Beers Elementary School
  • Orr Elementary School

SING DC! classes are:

♪         Offered at no-cost to the hosting school

♪         Taught by a trained music educator and professional musician

♪         45 minutes long or the length of a class period

♪         An in-school residency or after school program

♪         Typically take place once a week for a period of 10 weeks up to a full semester

♪         Able to accommodate class sizes from 10 – 30 students

SING DC! students learn:

♪         How to produce a healthy singing voice and tone

♪         How to match pitch

♪         Proper posture and breathing techniques

♪         About the connections between modern popular music, Western European classical music and musical genres from across the globe

♪         How songs have been used to express ideas about self, community and society

♪         How to perform in front of an audience as an ensemble