Choristers, on being part of CCW

The music reaches a part inside me that only music can reach. The feeling I get is joyful and it makes me feel good about myself.
— Megan, age 12
What I like most about being in CCW is that even though we are just kids, we are pushed to do our best.
— Elena, age 9
I love the different cultures and music that I am exposed to through CCW. It is such a unique way to learn about and explore different cultures through music.
— Lindsay, age 17

Parents, on what CCW Means to their family

[CCW] has given Marley great poise and confidence performing before large crowds.
— Suzanne, Concert Chorus parent
In addition to furthering his music knowledge and vocal development, it’s been a tremendous opportunity to meet kids from all over the DC metro area.
— Carrie, Bel Canto parent
In addition to the marvelous gift of music, CCW motivates creativity, cooperation, discipline and responsibility, while creating a whole new network of friends outside the school environment. The CCW experience has strengthened our child’s self-confidence as she has mastered increasingly challenging music. It has been a perfect complement to her instrumental music education.
— Jacob, Bel Canto parent
His singing has matured and it’s the first extra curricular that I have ever known him to love.
— Danika, Treble Chorus parent
It has given him patience with music and with the challenges of trying to accomplish a large goal with a group.
— Jen, Treble Chorus parent