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"Choral singing calms heart rates and boosts endorphin levels. It improves lung function. It increases pain thresholds and reduces the need for pain medication. Group singing ... increases the production of immunoglobulin, making it easier to fight infections. ... [C]horal singing delivers a significant boost to positive mood. It also lifts self-esteem while reducing feelings of stress and symptoms of depression. In enhances one’s sense of purpose and meaning and increases sensitivity toward others. And these effects come not from singing per se but from singing in a group."

— author Daniel Pink

"The high quality of choral training and performance benefits my child's development. She's developed life-long skills including discipline, dedication, and cooperation."

— Stephanie, parent

"I was so impressed with the organization, attention, and planning that went into making it a robust and worthwhile professional development opportunity."

— teacher workshop participant

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